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Our Recruiting Process

  At Career Sparks, we believe that Your Success is Our Success.

We also understand that Direct Hire Recruitment is an investment for your company. As a Contingent Firm, we do not request payment upfront, and so there is also a risk on our end. 

Our unique Direct Hire Recruitment process involves substantial labor hours as well as financial investment in your search. 


The typical turnaround time from initial engagement on a search to a Candidate Hire is three to four weeks.  We believe in doing things the right way, which means being thorough throughout the marketing, screening, presentation, and interview processes.  Although we do guarantee 100 % of our work, we'd much rather get it right for you the first time!


Our successful Client relationships with healthcare organizations nationwide have lasted a decade or more based solely on our communication, ethics, and quality outcomes. 

Please see below for an outline of what you can expect from our partnership.  Contact us anytime with questions, we are always here to help!  













Recruiting Partnership Timelines

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