• Vivien Treacy

Text is the New Email.

How to Keep Your Staff Happy & Increase Patient Confirmations by 150%

Communication is both a learned skill and an art form. Between email, phone calls, video chat, and social media platforms, there are endless ways to communicate with our patients and clients.

Only one method of communication is guaranteed to increase your Patient Confirmations by 150%.

A recent study showed that Americans send and receive an average of 94 text messages per day.

Around 277 Million Americans use text messaging, and 97 % of these users text regularly.

The response rate for text messages is a staggering 209 % higher than it is for phone calls.

So, it is safe to assume that many of your current (and future!) patients are amongst these 277 Million super texters. If your Practice is not currently leveraging text services to contact your patients, it may be worth a look.

My Ambulatory Surgery Recruiting Firm, Career Sparks, integrated Texting Services into our marketing platform last year. Since then, we have seen a significant increase in Candidate responses and a marked decrease in call-backs from voicemail messages. Our metrics show a 43% text response rates vs. a dismal 15% for voicemail call-backs in the past three months alone.

What are the benefits of switching to a Texting Service for Your Healthcare Practice?

1. Texting is quick.

A text takes roughly 4 seconds to send, while the average live phone call is at least 2 minutes (not including dialing, voicemails, and the dreaded phone tag).

2. Your Staff will be happier and more efficient.

Ambulatory and Outpatient Practices get around 50 incoming calls per day. Fielding these calls puts your Staff in a tough spot. They must choose between answering the call and dropping an important project or ignoring a patient standing in front of them each time the phone rings.

Multi-tasking leads to burnout, decreased productivity, and low employee morale. Switching from phone calls to text will save your Staff at least two hours per day, freeing up time for them to focus on delivering exceptional care and customer service to your patients.

3. Your Patients want to text you!

A recent survey showed that 73 % of patients would like the ability to text their Provider's office. This same study concluded that texting vs. phone calls increased patient confirmations by an incredible 150%!!!

I was recently on the other end of these statistics as a patient. I left two unanswered voicemails before tracking down the Practice Manager on my third (slightly frustrated) call, just to schedule a routine appointment.

This experience exemplified the need for patient/provider texting and made me wonder how many patients this Practice has lost who did not take the time to call back a second and third time?

We all need human contact, and a voice on the phone or an in-person visit is always ideal for building relationships.

However, to keep your patients and staff happy, you may want to text them first.

Questions about texting services? Curious how to build, or rebuild your Team in 2021?

CONTACT US anytime.

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