Survey Results Are In: The Good, Bad, & Unknown Impacts of COVID-19 on Ambulatory Surgery Centers

A recent survey of Ambulatory Surgery Center Society Practice leaders showed mixed feelings amongst the community regarding the Pros and Cons of the ongoing pandemic.

Interestingly enough, many of the answers weren't as predictable as one may think.

One positive outcome was better communication with patients and fewer cancellations due to telemedicine. It seems that telemedicine has opened doors to the "ease" of seeing a Doctor. Most patients are likely to keep their appointments if they know they can see a doctor from the comfort of their couch.

Those surveyed were worried about the possibility of shutdowns and understaffing. We are seeing a sharp uptick in requests for Medical Assistants and Medical Office Staff, as many ASC's have created entry-level positions to help ease the burden of implemented protocols.

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The constantly changing COVID-19 safety protocols have been a major source of stress for Practice leaders. However, it’s not all bad news. The majority of ASC Leaders surveyed reported being more organized and prepared for the future than they were before the pandemic.

Improvements were also reported on the subject of Infection Prevention. Surveyed members attribute this to higher standards of infection control, screening, and sanitizing.

Most ASC's took significant losses during the mandatory shutdowns, and now are facing a “catch-up” phase in their revenue stream. Fluctuating finances have been at the forefront of healthcare Leadership concerns. Members surveyed also expressed that the federal stimulus packages have helped to stabilize their ASC's finances.

The good news is that although ASC facilities are facing ongoing challenges due to COVID-19, they continue to adapt, improve, and grow.

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