• Vivien Treacy

Education, Art, and Cultural Traditions: New Mexico's Bright Future

I have lived in New Mexico for going on two years, and remain enthralled with the kindness, uniqueness, and complexity of its culture. New Mexico is widely known as an artist's mecca, with breathtaking scenery and diverse cultural traditions, producing iconic painters including Georgia O'Keefe and Judy Chicago. Unfortunately, the Enchanted State is also known for high rates of poverty, crime, and a low college graduation rate.

Having visited family in Taos and Santa Fe since childhood, I have always believed in the magic and potential of New Mexico. We are now halfway through 2022, and its future has never looked brighter. The recent announcement of "Tuition-Free College for New Mexico" will surely inspire students to apply for collegiate programs.

Recent data shows a highly promising and steady increase in the number of degrees granted to New Mexico Residents over the past decade.

Our Team at Career Sparks Recruiting believes in the value of education for all, and we are honored to play a small role in this brighter future for New Mexico's youth. Via sponsorship of KRGW's "Public Media Scholar" program, we are able to support ambitious students in the pursuit of their passion. KRGW's program offers outstanding support and real-life reporting experience throughout the semester, leaving graduates well-equipped to land a job in the competitive media industry..

Noah Raess, Public Media Scholar, recently produced this video illustrating where indigenous traditions, modern street art, and breaking down cultural stereotypes intersect for KRGW's "All Things Considered" programming.

In reporting on the controversial topic of street art, aka graffiti, Raess creates a portrait of Las Cruce's artist Saba that is both balanced and uniquely New Mexican.

As an indigenous person, Saba equates his art with a continuation of his families' cultural traditions and heritage.

Saba explains, "We have danced, made beats told stories, and written on walls... As long as I practice doing this artform, I don't have to practice any of those stereotypes that my community that I come from has. It is just like sketching in a sketchbook but at a bigger scale."

He also explains that street art provides a means for expression that many low-income and underprivileged groups do not get.

"I think that's what we are protecting; it is our soul, our traditions, our culture, our timeline, our knowledge of these ways of life that we practice every day. Whether it's painting with graffiti or praying in a kiva, it's the same thing."

Saba's words, as told through Raess's lense, beautiful capture the spiritual, artistic, and hopeful nature of New Mexico's youth. We are here for it and will continue to contribute on as many levels as possible

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