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Career Sparks: New Firm in Albuquerque is here to Solve the Healthcare Staffing Crisis

There are 12,462 unfilled Registered Nurse, Physician & Healthcare Technician jobs in New Mexico as of May 2021, according to the state’s Department of Workforce Solutions.

The nursing shortage has reached a crisis point nationwide. COVID has only exacerbated it.

In New Mexico, many Healthcare Providers have been lured out-of-state by Travel and Locum Tenens companies offering exorbitant pay rates for temporary work. Others have chosen to retire or stay home with children due to COVID.

Career Sparks, a healthcare recruiting firm, opened its Albuquerque office in 2021 to help attract and retain healthcare workers in New Mexico.

"We opened the newest Career Sparks office near Sawmill Market with a mission to help solve the current healthcare staffing crisis in this beautiful state. I have visited family annually in New Mexico since I was a child and fell in love with the sunny weather, incredible culture, and kind people.

New Mexico has made great strides in many areas, but the state has not been immune to the nationwide healthcare staffing shortage. The data shows that we are at a crisis point.

This severe shortage inevitably leads to long waits in the ER and Doctor's offices, frustration for patients, and more turnover when workers burn out and leave entirely," says Vivien Treacy, Career Sparks CEO.

Career Sparks LLC aims to solve this crisis in several ways:

- We focus on Direct Hire Placements, and our Candidates are local or permanently relocating to New Mexico.

- We invest thousands of dollars monthly in Technology platforms, including a proprietary database with over 1,000,000 industry-specific resumes and state-of-the-art marketing technology.

-Our Marketing & Hiring experts will pique the interest of qualified healthcare workers, get them excited about working with NM Healthcare companies and entice current residents to stay in-state by promoting local jobs.

- Our CEO has been recruiting Nurses, Doctors, and Healthcare professionals since 2005 and brings her passion for talent development to New Mexico, where she now lives and works. With 16+ years of industry experience, Ms. Treacy knows how to connect the best Healthcare Professionals and Companies.

Career Sparks is excited to support New Mexico during the healthcare staffing crisis and offers Free Consultations to Healthcare Leaders, CEOs, Administrators, Directors of Nursing, and Jobseekers.

New Mexico deserves accessible healthcare, and we must strive to attract and retain more qualified workers. Career Sparks is here to help and firmly believes that your success is our success.


Vivien Treacy, CEO


Stop in and See Us at the ABQ Office:

1761 Bellamah Ave. NW

Albuquerque, NM 87104

Office Hours Mon-Fri 10 AM - 6 PM

Candidates & Clients can also submit a Resume or Business Card via our after-hours dropbox.

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