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3 Exciting Ways Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Ambulatory Surgery

How AI can benefit your Ambulatory Surgery Center via improved efficiency in surgery, diagnoses, administrative tasks and even mitigating the risk of addiction!

According to Dr. Galatz “if you spend all your time today working on ‘now’, you’re going to be practicing yester-year’s medicine tomorrow.”

At the recent Becker’s Healthcare ASC Virtual Event, Physician experts agreed that investment in new technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), will be paramount to success and growth throughout the industry.

Our top 3 takeaways to give your Ambulatory Surgery Practice an edge in this ever-growing marketplace are:

1. Improved Efficiency

Last year, Compulink Healthcare Solutions debuted Advantage SMART Practice, an Electronic Health Record system powered by AI. SMART.

Would your Team like to reduce time spent on work claims by 90%? AI has a solution.

Would it benefit your Practice to improve speech-to-text programs in order to simplify recording OR Reports and reach more patients? Natural Language Processing (NLP) can make this happen.

2. Diagnosis & Clinical Performance

The AI-enhanced X-Ray detected Osteoporotic fractures at a rate 3.5 times higher than most Clinicians, which provides fast and accurate diagnoses!

Stanford University researchers used an AI algorithm to detect skin cancers and found the algorithm performed at the level of expert Dermatologists. Though AI diagnostics are still in their infancy, they are certainly worth keeping your eye on!

Artificial Intelligence-assisted Orthopedic procedures “resulted in five times fewer complications compared to surgeons operating alone.”

3. Preventing Addiction

AI has the potential to decrease the current dismal statistics for Opioid Addiction in the US. In a recent study, Physicians relied on machine-learning to predict which surgical patients might be at heightened risk for Opioid addiction. This allowed Physician Anesthesiologists to create pain-management plans using non-opioid alternatives. The system was able to make these predictions faster and more accurately than traditional methods.

AI development is an exciting field and maybe the key to taking your Ambulatory Surgery Practice to the next level! However, machines can never replace your Human Staff.

If your Practice is rebuilding or in growth mode, you will need highly-skilled, positive, and professional Team Members including:

  • OR & PACU Nurses

  • Certified Surgical Techs & Sterile Techs

  • Administrators

  • Clinical Leaders

  • Administrative Staff

Your A-Team provides the optimal patient experience, which leads to repeat clients, referrals, and stellar online reviews! Please contact us anytime to learn how we can partner in your success, by providing exceptional Team Members for your Practice:

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